Burg Staufeneck

Cradle and decay | Ludwig von Staufen had the Staufeneck castle built in 1080. The property remains in family ownership for 250 years. From 1333 until the end of their rule, the castle is the property of the noble Rechberg zu Staufeneck family. The lords of the castle change again and again from 1599 through purchase and marriage, until the period of decline begins in 1800. 44 years later, Staufeneck Castle is no longer habitable and large parts of it have to be demolished.

Rebirth | The 27-meter-high keep was not made accessible again until 1926. Hildegard Wörner courageously begins cultivating the western part of the ruin in 1927. Her daughter Lore and her husband Erich Straubinger took over the inn in 1973 and brought the complex back to life. With great commitment and entrepreneurial skill, they establish an upscale restaurant with a banquet hall.


Ascent | In 1990 the Straubinger couple acquired the restaurant including the castle ruins from the city of Böblingen. Son Rolf becomes the head chef. Daughter Karin marries her childhood friend Klaus Schurr, who is passionately committed to the development of the family business. In 2000 the two young entrepreneurial families succeed in acquiring the entire castle complex and start building the hotel. The castle hotel was built in just one year of construction under the direction of Klaus Schurr. The opening ceremony will follow in December 2002. Just one year later, the house was awarded five stars by DEHOGA.


At the top | The families Rolf Straubinger and Klaus Schurr take over the management and full responsibility for the ensemble as well as the management of the hotel, restaurants and catering service. Since then, the Burghotel Staufeneck has consistently been one of the best 40 hotels in the hotel and restaurant lists in Germany.


The historic building is named after Father Anselm Schott. The Benedictine monk was born here on September 5, 1843 and is known for the first missal in German. The Schott missal was published by Herder Verlag in Freiburg in 1884. Today you can expect noble rooms and suites in this part of the castle complex.

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