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Enjoyment and relaxation should never be clouded by worries. That is why at Burghotel Staufeneck all requirements that are stipulated by the COVID-regulations are implemented beyond what is required. Our safety and hygiene concept corresponds to the highest standards - just as our guests are used to in all areas.

Hygienemaßnahmen 3 Gs im Burghotel Staufeneck.

The entire team is tested at on a regular basis. In addition, our employees always work with mouth and nose protection.

Hygienemaßnahme Aircleaner im Burghotel Staufeneck.

The latest ventilation technologies and the use of air cleaners ensure clean air.

Hygienemaßnahme Desinfektion im Burghotel Staufeneck.

Surfaces and objects are regularly cleaned with disinfectants.

Hygienemaßnahme Hände waschen im Burghotel Staufeneck.

Disinfectants are available in the entrance area of ​​the hotel and the restaurants as well as in the washrooms

Hygienemaßnahme Reservierung im Burghotel Staufeneck.

Reservations are necessary to guarantee you a smooth reception, but also contact tracking.

Hygienemaßnahme Maske tragen im Burghotel Staufeneck.

For your safety, mouth and nose protection is worn outside the seat and the room as well as inside the hotel.

Hygienemaßnahme Abstand im Burghotel Staufeneck.

Wherever possible, a distance of at least 1.5 meters to all those present on our castle complex must be maintained.

Hygienemaßnahmen in unseren Restaurants im Burghotel Staufeneck.

All seats in the restaurants, in the breakfast area and on the hotel terrace are arranged with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

Current regulations



  • Indoor you need the following proof: vaccinated, recovered, tested
  • Wearing a medical mask is sufficient


  • Arrival is not possible without proof of vaccination or recovery and a test within 3 days
  • It is only necessary to wear a medical mask

Private events are possible without any contact restrictions.

  • Every guest must meet one of the following 3 factors
    • Vaccinated - vaccination card with full protection
    • Recovered - confirmation of the Covid disease (of the last 6 months)
    • Tested - negative corona test from an official body that is not older than 24 hours
  • There is no longer a requirement to keep a distance and mask, as well as a ban on music and dance

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